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Completion of Work

Regarding the recent statements by ACP Administrator, Jorge Quijano, GUPC wants to clarify that the Consortium repeatedly has communicated to ACP that April 2016 remains feasible as a functional completion date thanks to the commitment and speed of work developed by the Consortium after the situation presented with the leaks. 

However, the time to reach that date depends on the willingness and availability of the ACP. GUPC does, and will continue to do, all technical and economic efforts to reach the date, but the conclusion of the work, largely depends on the ACP since, as owner of the work, should prioritize the solution of the administrative and financial issues, always under the contract. 

As it has been from the beginning of the project, ACP continues to delay any payment awarded under the contract, limiting the progress of the Project. 

GUPC is aware that the Government and the international community are awaiting the starts of operations and the Consortium continues to work unstintingly to meet project delivery.









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