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The Project

Third set of locks


The design of the third set of locks for the Panama Canal is in charge of International Consultants subcontractor (CICP). CICP is led by MWH Global with TetraTech, California, USA and Iv-Infra from the Netherlands.

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Environmental management is key to the activities of United Group for the Canal. Our Environment Office strives to ensure compliance with environmental policy within the project, whose objectives lie in:

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The Quality Policy should be seen as a priority by all parties involved in the project, and followed throughout the course of the works to achieve compliance with the requirements and continuous improvement.

This GUPC seeks to meet the requirements of design and construction contract signed with the ACP.

The contractor's representative is responsible for ensuring that the Quality Management System is implemented consistently and regularly reviewed to reflect the requirements and contract GUPC.

The Manager of Quality Assurance is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Quality Management System and have organizational independence free business and technical constraints.


Health and Safety

Health and safety at work during the term of the project is critical to GUPC. For this reason, with the goal of increasing the performance of the consortium, the Health and Safety Office has developed a policy, which should be considered as a priority for all partners and pasted on a daily basis and continuously.

The goal of safety performance is zero lost time injuries, as well as a minimum tolerance towards non-compliance of safety standards.



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