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The Work

Area and concrete crushing plant

In this place makes the crushing of the aggregate to be used as a basis in the concrete of the new structures. In the same have been installed water sprays to reduce dust generation. The material used is extracted from the basalt in the excavations of the project area.

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Erosion control measures

Some of the measures to prevent soil erosion, used in the project are:

La Hydroseeding: it is land applied at an angle, which are devoid of vegetation, in order to avoid erosion and sedimentation.

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Steel Bending Workshop

This workshop does all the bending steel bars are used as reinforcement of new structures.

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Area concrete plants

Concrete plants in the production is done all the concrete required for construction of the Third Set of Locks.

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The project design and construction of the Third Set of Locks of the Panama Canal, constitutes one of the great engineering works in the XXI century.

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Environmental monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

The air quality monitoring (particulate matter less than or equal to 10 micrometers = PM10) are conducted every six days in the community of El Tucan.

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