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Environmental monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

The air quality monitoring (particulate matter less than or equal to 10 micrometers = PM10) are conducted every six days in the community of El Tucan.

For this last quarter were recorded PM10 values ​​between 88.7 ug/m3 82.0.3ug/m3 and in all cases under the rules 2610ESM_109 ambient air quality of the Panama Canal Authority, which sets 150ug / m3 and maximum allowable limit.

Water quality monitoring natural

Monitoring of water quality are conducted monthly in the Rio Cocolí, 23 parameters between chemical, physical and biological are evaluated. The results for the last three months have shown good water quality. Ph, Coliform, BOD5, COD, solids, nitrates, sulfates and metals are some of the parameters evaluated and have been in compliance with the draft national rules for natural waters.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

The noise monitoring was performed every 3 months, a time of day and night time in 4 locations: the Toucan, La Boca, Diablo and Paradise to assess noise levels. Accepted ranges for this measurement are: 60 decibels A scale, during the day, 50 decibels A scale, during the night. So far, the ranges of measurements have remained below the standard parameters established by Executive Decree No. 1 of January 15, 2004. For example, recent measurements at El Tucan day were 51.7 decibels and 58.4 decibels in Paradise.



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